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Broadcasting in 2013!

December 30th, 2012

With the Dinger at the PRI show, Interviews

In 2011 I entered the broadcasting arena co-hosting an Internet racing video show called “Racing, No Filters” on www.GoRacingTV.com .  In previous years I had dabbled with announcing events with my long time friend and broadcasting mentor, Tom Hnatiw.  Tom left this world for a better place this year but not before sparking my interest and helping me cultivate my “southern draw to a listener’s ear”, as Tom put it.  Tom was a dear friend and will be sorrily missed.

For 2013 I will be moving to a new show called “Racing Insiders” which is scheduled to be broadcast via Internet and cable TV.  Using my 25 years of top level experience, we hope to bring a news oriented show to the viewers with insight not available from traditional news outlets.

Tom helped me with this gig and I know he is looking down now with pride.  Good Speed Tom!! 




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