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December 14th, 2016
Jim Daniels offers race instruction

Mazda Factory Driver, World-Challenge & Grand-AM


I have contributed over two decades to racing and the development of my craft.  I’ve raced in Nascar, ARCA, IMSA, Grand-Am, SCCA, NASA in vehicles ranging from GT-1 to Formula Vee.  I’ve placed and won in just about every conceivable vehicle / track  combination.  I’m known for my successes with start up teams, driver progression/coaching and Motorsports broadcasting.

Jim Daniels | Playboy MX5 Cup Champion









I am the class co-founder of Spec Miata and the founder of   I’m credited as being one of the most influential figures in the rise of the the Spec Miata, Pro Miata and MX5 Cup racing phenomenon.   Along the way I have compiled the most wins and championships in those classes including winning the Playboy MX5 Cup and becoming the first Mazdaspeed ladder alumni.   I even owned the first Pro Spec Miata series back in 2002.  That series later would become the Playboy MX5 Cup.   As Ralph Sheheen once put it,  “JD is considered the Godfather of Spec Miata Racing”.

Mazda3 SSC National Champion

I consider myself an accomplished car constructor with over 50 cars hand built and co-built in the past two decades including GT, Production, Show Room Stock, Spec Racer Ford, Formula Vee, Formula 500, Spec Miata, MX5 Cup, Touring, Legends and Improved Touring.

I trained under Buddy Fey for setup  (, author, engineer and noted expert in all major road racing circles including IRL and Nascar.  

On the broadcasting front I have announced events under the leadership of the late Tom Hnatiw.  Tom’s guidance was instrumental to me and has led to my new gig co-hosting a cable broadcast called “The Racing Insiders” on the MavTV Network.

Watch for my TV show “The Racing Insiders” 

With the Dinger at the PRI show


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