Sponsors / Partners

All teams / drivers need some sort of financial support. Very few drivers / teams actually exhibit the knowledge and sincerity to make the sponsor relationship work effectively.

Sponsors need to sell products! No other function of the sponsorship relationship is more important than that fact. Whether it is direct sales, branding or showcasing product performance, all roads lead to increased revenue for the sponsoring company.

If you would like to discuss how a relationship with me could benefit your efforts, contact me directly at;

jim@jimdaniels.com or 901-351-8494.

Special Thanks to:

Mazdaspeed,  Robert Davis, John Doonan
Hoosier Racing Tire,  Bruce Foss
Mothers Car Polish, Jim & Dennis Holloway

SafeRacer.com,  Mike Assleta & Charlie James
East Street Auto,  Jim & Alison Drago