The Last ARRC Showdown!

Posted by on Nov 12, 2005 in News
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BRASELTON, Ga., Road Atlanta.  Jim ran a great race finishing 4th out of 48 cars in the last ARRC event to be held.  With SM gaining National status for 2006 competitors flocked to Road Atlanta to participate in arguable the most prestigious SM event to date.    In the 6 years the event has been held Jim is the ONLY TWO TIME WINNER and has never finished out of the top 5 while being the all time ARRC lap leader.  A frustrating week for Jim was over shadowed by the camaraderie and festivities of the week.  Jim would fight a straight line speed issue that would later be reviled as a faulty front brake caliper creating drag on the car.

The #47 PSM has been sold, stay tuned for news of our 2006 Club and Pro season!!

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