Daniels selected to drive for SCCA Enterprises Inc!

Posted by on Mar 6, 2006 in News
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Cresson, TX, Team MER Shops.    Recognized as an accomplished driver in a verity of cars, Jim Daniels has accepted an offer to assist SCCA Enterprises Inc. with a “Myth Busting” project.  The mission of this project is to see if a talented driver can be competitive in a mediocre car.  Thus busting the “myth” that only those who know the secrets, buy the secrets or have been racing in the SRF class for many years have a chance to be competitive.

He wanted to do it anyway and as a non-regular to the class I am able to try something interesting. We are going to build him a motor that is at the very bottom of the dyno window and publicize this fact.  Jim’s job is then to go out and do as well as he can with a “worst case” motor.”  – Erik Skirmants, SCCA Enterprises Inc..

Team MER will field chassis #150 on loan from John Weisberg at Berg Racing.  Jim will be racing Nationals at Memphis, Topeka and Roebling Road.  Visit www.jimdaniels.com, www.s3mag.com or the soon to be launched Team MER website, www.motorsportenterprises.com, for more news regarding the “Myth Busting” SRF project.

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