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2007 was a strange year for Jim

December 31st, 2007

He qualified for the Runoffs in SM early with four events in three different cars with poles and wins. He then jumped into the 2007 MX5 SSB and dominated the Mid-Div for the title. The limited effort (minimum events in each class to qualify) was enough to secure Jim as the Runoffs favorite and he was picked to win both SM and SSB by Sportscar magazine. Then SCCA pulled the SSB car from competition and Jim lost all motivation for the Runoffs in either class. 2007 looked to be over at that point. But wait, there’s more… Jim drove the Meathead Racing ’99 Spec Miata to a championship in the ARRC sprint race and backed it up in the Enduro with the class and overall win the next day in the Whitis Motorsports ,99 Spec Miata. On to 2008 with two teams in two different series and maybe the ARRC too…

SSB 2007

SSB 2007

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